Mill Neck International

Mill Neck International , based in Connecticut, contacted us through a referral for a website. We began work under a tight deadline and…worked with MNI on a site that includes that included information architecture, user experience design, web development, and will include analytics work.  MNI had a very basic site built on a simple platform. In our stage one of the project, we started their framework to  become a rich information center, as well as an online course repository that will expand to meet the center’s ongoing needs. More and more content will be added and the site is built with that in mind. The new site has a robust taxonomy and structure that enables the community to find the data and information that they are looking for quickly. Every part of the site was tested for responsiveness and accessibility.  The site was finished on schedule and launched on the date planned, and the stage one of the project was under budget.

We are currently in progress on stage two of the MNI site development and look forward to helping them create more resources for the international Deaf community.

Eyeth Studios Project Manager

Satdaya LLC User Experience, Analytics and Project Support