Signcasts Rebrand: Deafsourced

Status: In Progress
Project Owner: 
Satdaya LLC
Project Team: Eyeth Studios, Eventida, Deafsourced, Deafmade Members

Satdaya LLC was hired by Brein McNamara, the director of Signcasts, to accomplish a project funded by a grant – the ability to quickly create and support multiple news sites, changing the scope of his organization from news provider to technical support for news providers.

Throughout years of research, Signcasts found that among many main challenges facing most Deaf individuals and organizations who tried to be a news provider, foremost were technical skills, access to training, and/or funding to pay for help. There were many ways these issues could be resolved – training programs, hands on support, becoming THE news provider – which method will serve the interests of the Deaf community the most?

After months of review, experimentation, analysis, and brainstorming, a clear vision emerged for a newly rebranded nonprofit organization: Deafsourced Media! The new model will provide technical support in tiered membership: free in the form of “DIY guides” where a news provider can get started in a matter of days at zero cost; low cost set-up fees based on a “template” Deaf news site; and the top level, gain hands-on support and team. These websites will be part of a network of news feeds sharing latest news, hand curated by Deaf editors around the world.

Any profits from membership fees and grants will go toward scholarship funds for qualified Deaf applicants or nonprofits to start up a local or interest-based news site, or get a revamp of their existing website with the news and events component added in.

Deafsourced Media will include event list setup using another Deafmade service, Eventida, as well as custom website development and creative services by another member, Eyeth Studios.

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